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T20 World Cup schedule 2010,ICC World Twenty20 2010 schedule

T20 World Cup Schedule 10 starts from tomorrow (April 30th) with opening match between  Sri Lanka and New Zealand at Guyana. The Indian cricket schedule 2010 in T20 World cup will start from May 1, 2010 with match against Afghanistan at St. Lucia. ICC Cricket schedule 2010 for T20 World cup is from April 30, 2010 to May 16, 2010

The countries playing in T20 World Cup are :

Pakistan, Bangladesh, Australia, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, South Africa, India, Afghanistan, West Indies, England and Ireland. All the 12 countries are divided in 4 groups A, B, C and D. Matches within groups will take place till May 5, 2010. Top 2 teams from each group will be selected for Super 8.

T20 World Cup 2010 Groups:
- Group A: Pakistan, Bangladesh, Australia
- Group B: Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Zimbabwe
- Group C: South Africa, India, Afghanistan
- Group D: West Indies, England, Ireland

T20 World Cup schedule, dates, ICC T20 World Cup 2010 fixtures, venues, matches
April 30, 17:00 GMT, Group B – Sri Lanka v New Zealand at Guyana
April 30, 21:00 GMT, Group D – West Indies v Ireland at Guyana
May 01, 13:30 GMT, Group C – India v Afghanistan, St. Lucia
May 01, 17:30 GMT,Group A – Pakistan v Bangladesh, St. Lucia
May 02, 13:30 GMT, Group C – India v South Africa, St. Lucia
May 02, 17:30 GMT, Group A – Pakistan v Australia, St. Lucia
May 03, 13:30 GMT, Group B – Zimbabwe v Sri Lanka, Guyana
May 03, 17:30 GMT, Group D – West Indies v England, Guyana
May 04, 13:30 GMT, Group B – New Zealand v Zimbabwe, Guyana
May 04, 17:30 GMT, Group D – England v Ireland, Guyana
May 05, 13:30 GMT, Group A – Australia v Bangladesh, Barbados
May 05, 17:30 GMT, Group C – South Africa v Afghanistan, Barbados
May 06, 13:30 GMT, A1 v D2, Barbados
May 06, 17:30 GMT, C1 v B2, Barbados
May 07, 13:30 GMT, A2 v C2, Barbados
May 07, 17:30 GMT, B1 v D1, Barbados
May 08, 13:30 GMT, C1 v D2, Barbados
May 08, 17:30 GMT, A1 v B2, Barbados
May 09, 13:30 GMT, C2 v D1, Barbados
May 09, 17:30 GMT, B1 v A2, Barbados
May 10, 13:30 GMT, B2 v D2, St. Lucia
May 10, 17:30 GMT, A1 v C1, St. Lucia
May 11, 17:00 GMT, B1 v C2, St. Lucia
May 11, 21:00 GMT, D1 v A2, St. Lucia
May 13 (1st Semi-Final), 15:30 GMT, TBC v TBC, St. Lucia
May 14, (2nd Semi-Final) 15:30 GMT, TBC v TBC, St. Lucia

May 16, (Final) 15:30 GMT, TBC v TBC, Barbados

T20 World Cup schedule 2010,ICC World Twenty20 2010 schedule

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