Friday, May 27, 2011

Ready Movie Wallpapers Pictures Snaps Stills

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Ready Movie Wallpapers Pictures Snaps Stills
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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Free I Miss You Wallpapers, I Miss You Photos, I Miss You Pictures

Love is really a large emotion and someone have to do love in life for once because it’s a great time of your life. If your love is not attributed with correct expressions then it will never render the cry of your soul. There are different ways; people can put forward their feelings to their loved ones. If you are in love then in the time of period of love you will remember your lover and the feeling and emotions that you can't control. You really missed that person so you can send I Miss You Wallpaper to him/her your lover and feels that how much you miss your lover. This collection of the most idea Wallpaper and Photos. Now are few of those chosen and most amazing Free I Miss You Wallpapers, I Miss You Photos, and I Miss You Pictures.

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Mothers day 2011

Mother’s love is deeper than ocean,
Mother’s lesson is bigger than the sky,
Mother’s sacrifice is greater than God,
Mother’s lap is more comfortable than the warm bed,
Mother’s tale is better than the best novel on this earth,
Mother’s picture is more beautiful than a fascinating scenery,
Mother’s blessings are more powerful than the thousands of seas,
Mother’s shade is cooler than the shade of heavy laden trees,
Mother’s light is brighter than the sun,
Mother’s role is seventy times greater than the father,
Mother’s place is more sacred than any shrine,
Mother’s care higher than the heaven.

Monday, May 2, 2011

IPL Cheerleaders 2011: 2011 IPL Cheer Girls Photos

IPL Cheer Queens are also one of the attractions on the cricket field when wickets falls, 4-6 been hitted. This time, IPL T20 brings with it a different kind of cricketing excitement the faster game and the bigger entertainment share of IPL. And while till now the cheerleaders wore attractive western dresses and wielded pom-poms, one of the teams this time has a faintly different kind of cheering happening. Each team have their own Cheer Queens and this is how IPL T20 is popular all over the world. Checkout here 2011 IPL Cheerleaders Photos, DLF IPL T20 Cheer Girls Pictures, DLF IPL T20 Cheer Queen Wallpapers, DLF IPL T20 Cheer Girls Wallpapers, 2011 ILP Cheerleaders Pics & 2011 ILP Cheer Girls Wallpapers.

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