Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ash,Abhi,Vikram's HOt Tamil Hindi Bollywood Movie Raavan exclusive new movie stills


Aishwarya Rai’s Raavan Wallpapers. Aishwarya Rai will be seen in action with her upcoming movie Raavan which will hit the theater on 18 June. Raavan movie is a a loose adaptation of the great Indian epic Ramayana. Raavan story is about a Raavan (Vikram) who is waiting for a chance to take revenge on a police officer Ram (Prithviraj) who was responsible for the death of his sister. At the same time Ram gets married to his love Janaki (Aishwarya Rai).But on the very next day of the marriage Raavan kidnaps Janaki and takes her away. Later Janaki comes to know of the real Ram and falls in love with Raavan. In the end after a fiery duel Raavan Vikram loses to Ram Prithvi. But when Ram wanted to take Janaki back home she refuses to go and stays with Raavan. Aishwarya Rai will be staring with Abhishek Bachchan and Vikram. From the promo , we can know that Abhishek Bachchan will be playing a negative role, but his make up makes him so ugly , wonder who will go to watch him. Apart from Hindi , Raavan is also made in  Tamil named as Raavanan and will be released at the same date. Checkout Aishwarya Rai’s Raavan Wallpapers.While we will still have to wait for Aishwarya-Abhishek starrer movie Raavan to hit the big screen, here are a few exclusive shots from the movie and some snippets from behind the scenes...Ash, Abhi in a still from the movie.Ash with Vikram.Ravi Kishen in a still from the movieAbhishek in a still from the movie.
Here are some of the exclusive unseen stills have a look at them.

Hindi Movie Ravana Wallpapers More CLICK

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